How To Get The Proper Size Skip Bin For Your Needs

One of the advantages for using skip bins for your garbage disposal needs is that they have such a variety of choices available. You can get open or closed tops, hinged side doors, or even different colors. But the most important factor in determining the proper bin for your needs is the size. Here are a few ways to estimate the size of the skip bin you need for your individual project.

The first and perhaps least accurate is a simple cubic meter calculation of the size area you have things to dispose of. To measure something in cubic meters you simply measure the length, height, and width of the area then multiply these measurements together. After figuring out this number then look at the area you are cleaning up. You then estimate how much of the area is covered and how high. For example you know the cubic meters of the garage you are cleaning, you then notice the floor of the garage is covered completely about one quarter of the way to the ceiling, so you then multiply the cubic meters of the room by the approximate amount covered (which in this case is 25%) to determine the approximate cubic meters of the bin required. More of this can be read at

Another method of determining bin size is similar to this but slightly more accurate. Again you measure the length and width of the area to be cleaned. This time instead of taking a height reading and then a coverage percentage you use a different way of determining the height. You choose several random spots to measure the height of the debris. Once you have several (8 or more) measurements you then add them all together then divide them by the number of places you measured. This number gives you an average height and is then multiplied with the length and width to give you your approximate cubic meters needed for the project.

Many service providers will also help you with obtaining this figure. Simply contact them by phone, they are experts who want your business and should be able to help. In addition to helping over the phone many skip bin providers will have a cubic meter calculator built into their website.

So take your time measuring. Be as accurate as possible. Following these steps will get you the right bin for your needs and potentially save you a lot of money.

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